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First steps on the road to Airline Transport Pilot License

So I passed the first four of the theoretical exams for the Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL)…. But let’s start with a metaphor. For me being a pilot is like riding a bike, once you start rolling you have to keep on going forward if you don’t want to fall. That was one of the… Read More »

12 May 2017

What’s love to do with flight safety?

At the beginning of November, together with my wife Kamila, we’ve spend a wonderful couple of days in Malta, a beautiful blue archipelago in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. In fact it was already our second trip there. I met Kamila in Malta in 2010 while on holiday; it’s there where we fell in… Read More »

8 November 2016

About Concorde and how I got into flying

It all started with a Concorde…or to be precise a miniature model of it, which I got from my grandfather at the age three or four. There were a few of other airplane models too, mostly jet fighters. But it was the Concorde that I was fascinated with the most…its sleek lines, the graceful delta… Read More »

19 September 2016