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Emergency manoeuvres training

Emergency manoeuvres training with Jim Alsip, Master CFI, at Indiantown, Florida. In this post I’d like to share with you my two days’ experience meeting Jim Alsip and taking his emergency manoeuvres training in Indiantown, Florida. We visited Florida last January with my wife who was attending a business training seminar with Tony Robbins. In… Read More »

19 June 2018

Air Canada B787 Dreamliner Premium Economy review

Flying the Dreamliner on Air Canada As a real avgeek (aviation enthusiast) I’m not going to limit myself to writing only about my journey of becoming a commercial pilot. I also do love flying as a regular passenger on different airlines and over the years I have accumulated considerable experience in organising travel for myself… Read More »

5 June 2018

How to pass the ATPL exams?

How to pass the ATPL exams How much is too much? In my previous post made after taking the first four ATPL exams I have promised to come back to you soon with more information on my study. Unfortunately this took longer than expected. In fact I am writing to you only now – one… Read More »

30 May 2018

First steps on the road to Airline Transport Pilot License

So I passed the first four of the theoretical exams for the Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL)…. But let’s start with a metaphor. For me being a pilot is like riding a bike, once you start rolling you have to keep on going forward if you don’t want to fall. That was one of the… Read More »

12 May 2017

Landing at St. Barts with a Cessna 208B Caravan – video.

Seat back, relax…and enjoy the 15 minute hop from Grand Case Airport, St. Martin to land at the famous St. Barts Airport with the mighty Cessna Caravan.  

20 January 2017

Landing at St. Barts

In my last blog entry I have shared with you my experience from the famous Maho Beach, St. Martin. However, when you’re in Saint Martin there’s another really special place that you will need to see. It’s the Gustaf III airport at the French island of Saint Barthelemy, a few miles east of Saint Martin.… Read More »

14 January 2017

Maho Beach, St. Martin! Ticking off an avgeek’s ‘to do’ list.

Have you heard of Maho Beach? Well, if you are an aviation enthusiast – the so-called avgeek – you should have. Ever since I saw photos from the Maho Beach, I knew that one day I would end up there, and now I can happily tick it off my avgeek’s to do list. The beach… Read More »

10 January 2017

What’s love to do with flight safety?

At the beginning of November, together with my wife Kamila, we’ve spend a wonderful couple of days in Malta, a beautiful blue archipelago in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. In fact it was already our second trip there. I met Kamila in Malta in 2010 while on holiday; it’s there where we fell in… Read More »

8 November 2016

This nice little flying machine

I would like to write about an aircraft that I recently fly a lot. It’s a great, little, modern machine that I really love. It presents a nice mix of simplicity and modern technology. It’s a Piper Warrior III with a turbo diesel engine and a glass cockpit technology. Here are a couple of things… Read More »

27 October 2016

About Concorde and how I got into flying

It all started with a Concorde…or to be precise a miniature model of it, which I got from my grandfather at the age three or four. There were a few of other airplane models too, mostly jet fighters. But it was the Concorde that I was fascinated with the most…its sleek lines, the graceful delta… Read More »

19 September 2016